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Addiction Counseling

Addiction to a substance is characterized by drug seeking. Addiction is treatable and can be successfully managed via treatment or therapy. This can be accompanied by a number of changes. The drug or alcohol seeking is compulsive, or difficult to control. This happens to the person that is addicted even if they realize that there are harmful consequences. These harmful consequences occur even while the addiction makes its way to a state that is obvious that the addiction is causing great harm to themselves and those around them.

The objective and goal of addiction counseling is simply helping the person stop the addiction. With over 25 years of experience counseling addicted persons we have the expertise in helping you to stop the addiction. We at Rainwater Counseling use many strategies in helping you do just that.

The abuse of drugs and alcohol have destroyed the lives of countless people and it is our goal to help the family and loved ones feel and enjoy the freedom that stopping this cycle of taking drugs and alcohol, stopping and starting back. We help the person get their life back on track where they were meant to be. We at Rainwater Counseling, use treatment approaches tailored to each person’s drug and alcohol use patterns and any drug use patterns and any co-occurring mental and social problems can lead to continued recovery

Don’t wait for addiction therapy. Today is the day to reclaim your life. If you have questions, do not hesitate to call me. If you are having an issue with alcohol or drugs do not hesitate to call. If you are a family member, you can get help by coming in to talk with a professional about this all important issue. Let’s stop the cycle of abuse of alcohol and drugs and book an appointment today!

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