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Marriage Counseling can be an integral part of building a strong relationship and keeping that relationship strong. The counselors at Rainwater Counseling can help Madison, Alabama and the surrounding Greater Huntsville Metropolitan Area couples with their problems and help them grow stronger. Couples seeking guidance can feel assured they’re receiving counseling from a Christian point of view.

Marriage Counseling Q & A

How do we help reduce conflict in a marriage?

We use methods that have been proven to help couples feel safe and supported. We have completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and uses Gottman Method Couples Therapy during his sessions. During marriage counseling, he will help the married couple get to the bottom of the specific behaviors and actions that are causing communication and intimacy problems. When those behaviors and actions are identified, we will help the married couple discover the core issues leading to them. The problems can then be addressed on a base level so that they don't continue.

When does a married couple need counseling?

Married couples may need counseling at any point throughout their marriage. In fact, it’s often highly recommended that couples undergo pre-marital counseling before the wedding. Marriage counseling sometimes has a slight stigma attached to it, but it shouldn't. It can be a very proactive step in keeping a marriage strong and healthy. When a couple feels that they simply can't relate to each other, or they feel that they are just too different to understand the other person's viewpoint much of the time, marriage counseling can be enormously beneficial. Whether the fights and disagreements are constant or only occasional, marriage counseling can be very helpful in deconstructing those issues and making sense of them. If we are unable to help facilitate counseling for you, he will be more than happy to refer you out and guide you through that process.  

How many marriage counseling sessions are needed?

This can vary according to the couple. Many couples opt for once a week sessions, with each session lasting an hour or so. The total amount of marriage counseling sessions needed will vary based upon a couple's specific needs and concerns. Many people achieve a positive change in their marriage in 6 sessions, sometimes fewer, but other people feel that ongoing therapy is best.

What is a marriage like after counseling?

After marriage counseling, couples tend to feel more connection and unity. They will have the tools needed to deal with conflicts and arguments in a healthy way. Some disagreements and fights are completely normal, but people who have been through marriage counseling will deal with these things in a healthier way and will move past them faster.

If you choose to work with us from a Christian counseling perspective you have chosen to look at life from a Christian point of view. What does that mean?

A Christian Counselor has a working knowledge of the scriptures, principles and directives of God as recorded in the Scriptures. He or she may also incorporate any truths they’ve acquired through their training which may be helpful and useful to you or your family by way of therapeutic intervention.

All truth is God’s truth, and although the modern psychological concepts and interventions are considered theoretical in nature, we know as a fact that Scripture is inerrant and is profitable for correction and instruction. These important tools, all of them, in the hands of an experienced Christian Counselor and therapist can be used of God to meet the needs of any person like you that is actively seeking guidance and wanting of God’s many blessings.

At Rainwater Counseling, we offer trusted and confidential Christian Counseling, and will carefully match you with the unique treatment plan for your exact needs. Our experience has shown that when a prospective client earnestly seeks God’s face and favor that we are well equipped to provide sound biblical counsel that we believe God would approve.

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