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Depression can interfere with a person's life, and may become overwhelming if a person doesn't have help and support. The counselors at Rainwater Counseling help Madison, AL and the surrounding Greater Huntsville Metropolitan Area residents with Depression and much more.

Depression Q & A

Why Does Depression Happen?

There isn't a single reason that depression occurs. Genetics may be part of it, for example if a person's parents suffered from depression they are more likely to have it themselves. Depression can also begin after a major life event, for example the loss of a loved one or a severe illness.

What Are the Indicators of Depression?

People who suffer from depression may be tearful or obviously sad on a regular basis. They often start to lose interest in their usual activities. For example, a depressed person may cancel plans with friends and family and may avoid social activities of all kinds. Depressed people often spend an increasing amount of time alone and may resent it when others try to draw them out. It is common for depressed people to experience changes in their sleep, either sleeping a great deal more or considerably less than they used to. Depressed people may have changes in appetite, leading to noticeable weight gain or weight loss. Depression can lead to thoughts of self harm, and some depressed people even become suicidal if they don't seek appropriate treatment for their condition.

Will Depression Ever Resolve On Its Own?

Although depression ebbs and flows in some people, it won't go away for the long term unless a person seeks help. The length of time between depressive episodes can be months or even years, but depression does tend to return. People who ignore their depressive symptoms, hoping for it to go away without treatment, may be more likely to abuse drugs or alcohol in an attempt to self medicate.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

In therapy for depression, the counselor will teach the clients coping tools that will help them deal with their emotions in a healthier way. The therapist will also help clients recognize behaviors that are exacerbating the depression so that those behaviors can be changed into new positive ones.

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