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Singles And Dating Specialist

Rainwater Counseling

Counselors located in Madison, AL

Therapy can be extremely beneficial for people who are single or dating. The counselors at Rainwater Counseling in Madison, Alabama and the surrounding Greater Huntsville Metropolitan Area have the help that you need to succeed. Rainwater Counseling provides trusted Christian guidance and treatment plans based on the individual’s needs.

Singles and Dating Q & A

How can therapy help reduce conflict?

We use clinically proven methods that allow people who are single or dating feel supported, both by each other and by the therapist. The goal of therapy is to uncover the behaviors that interfere with communication and unity. Once these behaviors can be identified, the core issues that cause these behaviors can be revealed and work can begin. This allows us to help the couple or individual work on issues at their very root. Ultimately, this means that problems can be resolved for the long term rather than just as a quick fix.

How does someone know they need counseling?

You may need counseling if you find that you often fight over small issues with your significant other. Some couples have problems communicating with each other, and this is a good time to consider counseling. If couples simply can't understand each other or relate to each other sometimes, therapy can be a good choice.

How long does therapy take?

It depends on the individual or couple and their specific needs. Most people have weekly sessions that last from 45 minutes to an hour. The total number of sessions needed can be as little as 6, but some people find great benefit from ongoing therapy even after their immediate concerns and issues are resolved. Regular therapy can be a healthy part of keeping a relationship strong and intact.

What will the relationship be like after counseling is over?

Once counseling is over, the couple will feel more connected to their partner emotionally. Most couples say that they feel better understood by their partner after going through therapy together. It’s also common for couples to feel safer and more secure together. Support from the other partner is usually much easier to find after therapy. All of these things combine to lessen conflicts and fights. When conflicts or fights do occur, the couple will have the tools needed to deal with them in a more effective way than they did before counseling.

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