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Anxiety Specialist

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Anxiety happens to everyone occasionally, but when it interferes with a person's life professional help is needed. The counselors at Rainwater Counseling in Madison, AL and the surrounding Greater Huntsville Metropolitan Area are here to help.

Anxiety Q & A

When is Anxiety a Problem?

Everyone has anxiety from time to time, but for people with an anxiety disorder it becomes chronic. Anxiety is the body's sign that something is wrong, which means some anxiety is actually useful. It prepares people to deal with sudden issues or danger, for example. However, some people have anxiety so often that their lives become overwhelmed. People who suffer from anxiety on a daily or near daily basis will often find it hard to maintain a normal life. Anxiety is a problem when it causes a person to constantly worry and feel stress about things that wouldn't cause the same reaction in most people. When anxiety is so severe that a person always has a feeling of impending doom, it's a problem. This type of anxiety won't just go away on its own, but it can be effectively dealt with during counseling sessions.

Who is Susceptible to Anxiety?

Anxiety can (and does) happen to everyone. However, some people may be more likely to experience anxiety disorders that interfere with their lives. Sometimes, the tendency towards anxiety is inherited from a person's parents. Each person's brain chemistry is unique, so personal brain chemistry may also play a role in the development of anxiety disorders. Outside influences can impact anxiety levels, as well.

How Can Anxiety be Managed?

The management of anxiety does require professional help. We have been helping people with anxiety and other problems for more than 25 years, and he provides a wide range of coping mechanisms and strategies. Lifestyle changes can be the key factor in managing anxiety effectively. We help each client come up with an anxiety management plan that can include things like regular counseling sessions, avoiding certain stressors, eating healthy, and getting regular exercise. Each client will receive a customized plan for their anxiety issues.

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