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Family Therapy Specialist

Rainwater Counseling

Counselors located in Madison, AL

Family Therapy can be very helpful for every member of the family and can benefit the group as a whole. The counselors at Rainwater Counseling in Madison, AL and the surrounding Greater Huntsville Metropolitan Area have the tools that families need to thrive. We are equipped to provide families with sound biblical counsel.

Family Therapy Q & A

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is provided by professional therapists like us. The goal of family therapy is to help the members of the family communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts in a healthy way, and to function as a team.

How Does Family Therapy Work?

The therapist will generally have the entire family together for at least a portion of the therapy session. During this time, every person in the family will have the opportunity to talk about their view of the problem or problems within the family. The therapist will observe the family interactions and will be able to better understand what type of role every person plays within the family. Each member of the family may also be seen individually, or the parents may be seen separately from the children for some of the sessions. The therapist will work with the whole family to determine problems and identify goals. As therapy progresses, each member of the family will learn new ways to communicate with the others in the family. The family unit will learn techniques and strategies that will help them foster a sense of unity, which helps in achieving the goals of the family.

How Long Does Family Therapy Last?

It depends on the family. Most families have sessions with the therapist once a week, at least in the beginning. The sessions may continue for a period of several months, or sometimes for longer depending on the family's specific issues and concerns. Family therapy can be healthy for a family even when they aren't having major issues. Therapy is a chance for every member of the family to be heard and understood. The therapist facilitates better communication and helps the family to understand each other on a whole new level.

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