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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the counselors at Rainwater Counseling can change the lives of Madison, AL and the surrounding Greater Huntsville Metropolitan Area clients. This type of therapy helps people change negative behaviors for positive ones.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was originally developed in the 1960s by Dr. Aaron Beck. This type of therapy helps clients reframe their perceptions and retool their thought processes to improve their physical behaviors and emotional health. There are a wide range of tools used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy including relaxation techniques, biofeedback, and desensitization techniques along with many others. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the client and the therapist are a team focused on improving the client's life.

Who Needs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

People who suffer from panic attacks, phobias, and high levels of anxiety often benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This type of therapy has also been found useful in clients who suffer from depression in many cases.

How Does a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Session Work?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions are unique to the individual, as they are customized based on the client's specific concerns and problems. For example, a client who suffers from a phobia of dogs may learn relaxation techniques to help them deal with exposure to dogs, and may also have desensitization therapy to help them gradually get used to being around dogs without a fear response. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works at a gradual pace to make sure that the client is comfortable.

How Long Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Last?

It depends on the individual and the issues that they are dealing with. Most Cognitive Behavioral Therapy clients have one session every week, with the sessions generally lasting for around an hour. The total amount of sessions can vary widely. Some people have relief in as little as 3 months of consistent sessions, but each client is different. We are committed to working closely with each person until they have achieved freedom from the phobias, fears, and behaviors that are causing problems in their lives.

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